Thursday, January 15, 2009

Forensic Heroes

English Title: Forensic Heroes

Cantonese Title: Faat Jing Sin Fung

Vietnamese Title: Doi Phap Ly Tien Phong

Casts: Bobby Au-Yeung, Frankie Lam, Yoyo Mung, Linda Chung, etc.

Length: 25 episodes (Cantonese) // 19 tapes (Vietnamese)

Release Date: June 2006 (Canto) // September 2006 (Viet)

Producer: Mui Siu Ching (Love Bond, The Charm Beneath, etc.)

Genre: Modern Drama/Detective/Forensics/Mystery/Suspense


The Forensic Science Department's senior chemist, Ko Yin Bok (Bobby Au-Yeung Chan Wah) is a calm and reasonable person with great observational skills. Through just a single strand of hair or a fiber from a piece of clothing, he can help the police solve cases. People place Bok as their idol. Surprisingly though, Bok's brother-in-law, forensic pathologist Koo Chak Sam (Frankie Lam Man Lung), and senior inspector Leung Siu Yau (Yoyo Mung Ga Wai) suspect that he killed his wife!In the end, Bok is able to prove his innocence through his vast forensic knowledge. Bok, Sam, and Yau form a triangle consisting of the Forensic Science Department, the Forensic Pathology Department, and the Hong Kong Police Force, continuing to work hand-in-hand like before. With each case that they solve, the more mysterious things appear to be. Furthermore, it appears that someone is arranging everything, trying to go against Bok and setting a deathtrap for him!


CikLieYzaOnline said...

Drama yg paling diminati...
"seseorang yg melakukan kesalahan pasti meninggalkan bukti dan bukti itu pasti dijumpai oleh orang lain. manusia boleh berbohong tetapi bukti takkan berbohong.."